Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy

A Nevada 501c3 Non-Profit


The goal is to uplift the community health and wellness while relieving the burden of government and private funded programs. In addition, by utilizing animals that have been rescued under the Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy or partner rescue organizations, the community is relieved the cost and care of stray, surrendered or abandoned animals.


Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy hereby establishes its foundation to provide outpatient mental health to individuals within Clark County, Nevada, that are without medical/mental health insurance coverage, lack adequate insurance coverage or are otherwise ineligible to utilize non-crisis therapeutic interventions to increase their overall psychological wellbeing and welfare, e.g. the homeless population of Clark County, Nevada and qualified/non-qualified Veterans of the Armed Forces. Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy will concurrently provide services to individuals, families, couples, groups, adults and minors from the ages of four to eight-five years old. Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy trains and utilizes animals from recognized rescue organizations for therapeutic purposes. All animals are handled and cared for by the volunteers committed to creating a bonding experience between animal and human in a therapeutic setting. As a licensed clinical practice, certification for animals to function as Emotional Support Animals (ESA) may also be completed in our programs. 

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