Las Vegas Animal Assisted Therapy

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Booger was one-of-a-kind! This 3 year old Mantle male was a rescue from Sin Ciy Great Dane Rescue. He was a love-bug and a half. He provided so much therapeutic comfort to children in need. He has since been adopted to a wonderful family recovering from grief. He is a picture perfect Therapy Dog. 




Nemo was a truly special 4 month old Merle Great Dane. He was a rescue through Sin City Great Dane Rescue. This handsome little boy had a rough life, much like the children in our program. Together, Nemo and the children taught each other how to trust and be patient. 


Rescue/Foster - Therapy Dog for LVAAT for 3 months


Mazie stole the hearts of many when her story was featured on Channel 13, Las Vegas. She was a rescue through Sin City Great Dane Rescue and was a natural therapy dog. Cheri has since assigned her as an Emotional Support Animal to a wonderful 14 year old young man with Autism. 


LVAAT is staffed by volunteers. Our therapy team are all on four paws! 


Lead Therapy Dog


Tank is a 17-month old Great Dane. He began his therapy training at 8 weeks old and has even been featured on Channel 13, Las Vegas on July 14, 2017. He is a true Super Star!

Cheri L. Sotelo, MS, CPC, CPT, HHS


With 21 years of experience in animal rescue and rehabilitation and 14 years of mental health education, training and experience, Cheri blends clinical mental health therapy with the unconditional love of her animals and rescues.

"Dogs do not see diagnoses. Dogs don't see what we have done wrong. They love us unconditionally."


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